Web-Products-BannerChromaScapes Fineliner Pens are a premium quality product that are versatile enough to meet all of your writing needs. Excellent for students, teachers, the organized individual or even artists. These pens lay down smooth and last long. Our water based ink is non-toxic and provides Minimal Bleed Through to help you get the most out of your work.






24 Different colors in each of our two varieties, for a total of 48 colors, give you the freedom to organize and express yourself however you want. The metal set tip works great for drawing, technical work and coloring detailed areas. A rounded triangular barrel gives ergonomic comfort for long writing sessions and helps reduce fatigue.







Caps-AngleEach one also includes our upright hard plastic case to keeps your pens organized and helps you see the colored caps for easy selection. We make these pens because we love to write, draw and doodle just like the rest of you. Try them today. We think you will be as impressed with them as we are.

Color is in our DNA.